Seller Guide

Seller Account

Is the seller account free?

Sellers can have a subdomain page for 20 items for free.

Sellers need to pay for posting more than 20 items. Paid seller will get advertisements in google, email marketing and listed in browse shops and browse items in

How to open a shop or become a seller in

Anyone can open a shop at

Click on register as a seller in the footer menu of and fill in the registration form and submit it. Make sure you enter your correct email address. You will be receiving an email to your email account with your password. Login to using your email address and the password sent to your email. Change the password and then follow the steps to complete your seller registration.

When will my shop be online?

As soon as you finish from registration and completing all your shop and products details, your entered information will be checked by admin within less than 24 hours. When any of your information details for your shop or items details are accepted your shop will be shown online for the public.

I forgot my password, what to do?

Click on the link login in the upper menu on your right hand side then click on forgot password under login now button. Enter your email address and click on submit. Your password will be reset and an email with a new password will be sent to your email account.

How to change my password?

Login to with your email account and password. Click on your account name at the top menu on your right hand side, click on change password. Enter your current password. Enter your new password and reenter your new password to confirm.

As a seller, what will I get and what can I do?

  • As a seller you will have your own subdomain name with dikani. An example if you want to have your shop named mobile then any one can access your shop directly by typing
  • You will have your own page for your shop details and products details with pictures.
  • Products will be organized by category and subcategory.
  • You will have a shopping cart and customers can place orders through the internet and you will receive their orders by email and in dikani new orders section.
  • You can contact customers by messages.
  • You will have complete Arabic and English pages for your shop. You can enter both languages or you can enter one language and it will show in the Arabic and English pages.
  • Easy to manage. The dikani page you organize and edit will be similar to what the customer will see.
  • Easy to reorder items. In dikani you can drag and drop items to reorder and rearrange them.

Dikani Page

What details I can provide about my shop for buyers to view?

You can provide the following details that can be seen by buyers:

  • Title for your shop.
  • Description or introduction about your shop.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Fax number.
  • Address of your real shop or store if you have one or the place where you want your customers to visit to see your products.
  • Website address of your shop if you have one.
  • Specify method of payment.
  • Specify method of delivery.
  • Specify return policy.
  • You can upload map of your place.
  • Logo of your shop.

How can I change or edit my shop details?

Login to with your email address and password. Go to Dikani page, click the field that you want to add or change. For example, to change logo click on grey dikani image and upload your logo.

There is Arabic button when I click on click here to add text what is it for?

Dikani support Arabic and English languages, when you click on the Arabic button it will give you a new text box for the Arabic language. You can write your Arabic translation in that text box and it will be shown only in the Arabic page. Or you can go to Arabic page by clicking the Arabic link on the top menu and write all the Arabic details there.

What will happen if I complete only the Arabic dikani page or only the English dikani page?

You can choose one language to be shown in both Arabic and English dikani pages or you can complete both languages and you will have a complete English and Arabic pages. In another word if you complete English page only and you leave Arabic dikani page blank you will have the English details you have provided for your shop and products shown in both the Arabic and English dikani pages.

What details I can provide for my products?

  • Product name or title
  • Product description
  • Product price
  • Product quantity
  • Product brand
  • Product status (new or old)
  • Product category and subcategory
  • Product images
  • Product sizes & colors
  • Product video

How can I edit or change product details?

Click on the information and image you want to change or add.

To add or change product images click on the item image, delete or upload your item images and wait for admin approval for your images to be shown for public.

To add or change colors and sizes click on options and click edit color and size, choose colors and/or sizes for your item then click on save.

To add videos, click on options and click on edit video, upload your video then click on save.


What will happen when I receive an order?

You will receive an email notifying you that an order has been placed.

When you login to with your account you will see a number beside order link in the main menu. Click on the new order link in the main menu to get your order details.

How can I get buyer details?

In new order click on buyer name or click on delivery address to get buyer details.

How can I contact buyer?

You can contact the buyer using the phone number provided by the buyer or messaging system. In the new order under the buyer name there is a send message button. Click on that button and it will forward you to compose message with the buyer name in the to field. Write your message and click on send. The buyer will receive an email notifying him about the message you have sent. The buyer can read your message and can reply back to you. Or you can contact the buyer by phone, you can get the buyer phone number by clicking on buyer name or delivery address button in order details page.

What is current status?

There are three current statuses. The buyer can see the current status you specify.

The three current statuses are:

Pending: this status is the first status the buyer will see once he replaces his order. This status means that the seller got the order but it’s waiting for the seller acceptance.

In process status: means that the seller has seen and accepted the order and he is preparing the order to deliver it.

Delivered status: that means the order has been successfully delivered and received by the buyer.

What is change status to?

Seller can change the status from pending to in process and from in process to delivered.

Can I cancel an order?

The seller can cancel the order when it is in pending status or in process.

Can the buyer cancel an order?

The buyer can cancel the order only when the status is pending.

How would I know that a buyer canceled an order?

You will receive an email notifying you that an order has been canceled. You can access new orders and you will see that the current status is canceled. You can delete cancelled orders and the deleted canceled orders will be moved to order history.

What should I do with the invoice?

There is an invoice button in the new order page. We recommend that you print the invoice for every new order and give it to the person that will deliver the items to the buyer. The invoice has details information of the items, buyer address and contact number, seller address and contact number.